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Special cargo requires special care. When it comes to powersport equipment, D-Trans LLC has you covered. When shipping with D-Trans, our customers have peace of mind, knowing that their freight is properly secured and is being handled with great care.  

Our Approach

D-Trans believes that your customers deserve to be happy when they receive their highly anticipated powersport units. We equip all of our trailers with E-Tracs and AirRide systems to ensure that our customers are at ease when entrusting their freight over to D-Trans for transport. Here at D-Trans, we take great responsibility and provide proper care for fragile, high-value cargo to ensure that the product arrives undamaged and on-time.

Need a Load Moved?

We are ready to work with you. Even if your shipping solution is not listed, do not hesitate to reach out. We are always willing to work with our customers.

Other Industries We Serve

D-Trans, LLC stands with Ukraine.
Click here to learn how we can both help

1. Fundraiser for Acquisition & Shipping of High Priority Humanitarian Aid Supplies

D-Trans, LLC has set up a separate fundraier to raise funds that will be used to acquire medicine, medical equipment and supplies, hygiene supplies and baby formula to be shipped to hospitals in Ukraine. The raised funds will be specifically used for the acquisition and shipping of these supplies. D-Trans is coordinating with the Consulate General of Ukraine, and has written approval to transport medication throughout the country.


2. Collection of Medical & Hygiene Supplies

We are looking for organizations, corporations, manufacturers and other supplies who could partner with us and can donate medicine, medical supplies and equipment, hygiene supplies and baby formula. D-Trans will cover the shipping of these supplies. If you know of any organizations or non-profits looking to ship relief items for free, please contact us at:

3. Supporting non-profits with local volunteers in Ukraine

SolidRockMission.Org is a 501(c)3 non-profit U.S. based organization doing humanitarian and missionary work in Ukraine since 2002. Solid Rock Mission has people on the ground helping to provide food, medical supplies, shelter and other necessary aid to those in the conflict zones.

Thank you. Дякуємо.
The D-Trans, LLC Team